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Two Stretches That Can Be Done In a Yoga Hammock

I’m ready for the weekend, even though I probably won’t do much. I’m going to try and stay off of my computer though, aside from the couple things I want to do on it. Or maybe I’ll just leave them until Monday.

I’ve spent the week working on some digital paper packs for my Etsy shop and to sell on Gumroad. Figuring out Affinity Designer has made my brain hurt.

And that’s why I’m now sitting in my yoga hammock and writing this post. I do like the gentle swaying motion; noticeable enough without making me feel nauseous.

I started by sitting in a saddle pose (one leg on either side of the hammock ), then stretched each leg out. The fabric is supporting my back, bum, and each leg. As I’m writing, I’m stretching my legs as far apart as I can, holding for about 30 seconds, then slowly bringing them back together. I can feel the pull in my inner thighs, which tells me I should be doing more stretching than I have been.

My next exercise is to put the bottoms of my feet together and bring them as close to my bum as I can. I can feel the pull in my inner thighs as well as my outer thighs. Even though the movements are slow and controlled, I can feel the burn.

As I have been doing the poses I have realized two things. One is that I have neglected to be consistent with my stretching, and two, it gets very hot in here when the fabric is closed at the top. As I stretch my legs outward I can feel the cooler air.

I know I probably couldn’t sit in this position for long if I was on my mat, so for me the yoga hammock helps me do more than I could otherwise. The downside is it’s so comfortable that I want to take a nap.

Have you had the opportunity to try a yoga hammock? Let me know in the comments below, and have a wonderful weekend.


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